Arkie Head Jigs, Most Versatile Fishing Jig for Bass

Arkie Head Jigs, Most Versatile Fishing Jig for Bass

Arkie Head Jigs 

OneCast Fishing 

Premium wire-tied Jigs  

I love fishing all types of jigs and there are many out there. The reason why there are so many jig variants is because they have been designed to be used for specific purposes.  For instance, in last week’s article we discussed the football head jig and how effective it can be fishing hard structure and rocks.  Now, if you haven’t read that article, check it out here.  However, if the apocalypse comes and I could only choose one jig for my survival kit, it wouldn’t take me very long to decide which jig I’m taking with me.  The choice is easy. It would be the Arkie Head Jig. 

I consider the arkie head jig to be the handy man of jigs; a jack of all trades so to speak.  It doesn’t do any one thing really great, but it does a lot of things well.  It's so versatile that its often the one I use to begin my search for bass.  Pretty much any cover, structure, or fishing circumstance that can encountered while searching for bass the arkie jig can be tied on.  Once I find the bass and nail down their mood, I can switch up to a jig head thats more suited to where the bass are. 

But, when it comes to versatility, and the ability for a single jig to be adapted to wide array of conditions, its arkie head that excels.  

Lets talk about four ways I use this jig.  These are not all encompassing, so if you use the jig a different way leave a comment below. I want to hear. 

Skipping Docks and Brush 

Blue Oyster

I love using the arkie jig to reach back under docks or brush that most other fisherman can’t or won’t reach.  Arkie head jigs posses a broader and flatter underside than a lot of the other jigs on the market.  Think football jigs, many swim jigs, brush jigs, and so on.  They aren’t very flat on the bottom or if they are there isn’t a lot of surface area.  When you pair an arkie head with a flat bodied creature bait, such as a sweet beaver, it creates a great flat surface for skipping. It’s almost like a flat smooth stone many of us used as children to skip across creeks or ponds.  

If you haven’t learned to skip a jig, I’d say it’s a must learn to take your fishing to the next level.  It takes a lot of practice, and I am certainly no pro, but being able to skip my jig even just a few feet under a dock has caught me fish when other guys haven’t.  I remember a day on Lake Tillery pre-fishing for a tournament.  I ended up fishing about two hundred meters behind this other guy.  We were both trolling along and fishing docks toward the back of a creek.  He was throwing a shaky head or ned rig at the ends of the docks and typically right up against the dock post.  However, he wasn’t having much success.  But there were two occasions I skipped my Blue Oyster Arkie Head Jig back under a dock he had cast to no more than ten minutes prior and caught fish.  I highly doubt those fish had just moved up under those docks.  Most likely the bass were already there, but the man fishing in front of me couldn’t get his lures in strike zone. 

When I go skipping I tie on an arkie head.  It has brought me lots of success on the water. The technique works and I encourage you to try it. 

Pitching and Flipping Cover 

Fishing cover is a mainstay of bass fishing.  Its where they live and ambush prey.  There are all sorts or lures and rigs that are great to fish cover and the arkie head is among them.  It is more than capable of hauling big bass out of laydowns, stumps, or grass mat pockets.  Now I’ll admit, if I am fishing really heavy thick grass, I am probably going to opt for something different.  The arkie head is not the best punching lure, and in those situations I’ll use a jig designed for punching or a Texas rig punch set up with a heavy weight.  Those rigs are going to give you a more stream line and compact lure that allows it to break and slip through the grass.  

However, if you are running any standard bank using this jig to throw into cover is a wise choice.  Throw it into the heart of the cover.  Let it fall between all those limps.  As you work it back, hop it over those same limbs and let it fall again.  If there is a fish there, it won’t be able to resist a meal dangling in front of them.  

If you don’t find a fish in a piece of cover keep on trolling to the next stump or laydown. 

Swimming Jig

In between all that pitching cover, you can swim this jig between your targets.  Again, if I know I am going to be swimming a jig all day, I’ll just go ahead and tie on a swim jig.  But, in between cover, around isolated patches of grass, I have no issues swimming this jig through or over top of it.  In fact, the Funky Craw (pictured) is what I use a lot on my neighborhood lake. The lake has lot of grass, but a very well defined weed line 5 meters off the bank. I’ll cast my jig up on the bank, swim it over top of the hydrilla, which often causes a strike from bass lurking within.  When I swim the jig past the grass line I will it fall to the bottom and I work it from there to pick off the bass on the edge of the grass or on the rocks out in front.

Additionally, a lot of times I combine the swimming action of this jig with the skipping technique.  Skip it under the dock.  If it’s not hit on the fall, swim it back to the boat.  You would be surprised how many times I have been bitten that way. 

The Funky Craw

Hopping and Dragging 

When working the arkie head jig along the bottom of a lake or pond I will either drag or hop it.  Now last week, when discussing the football head jig, I broke hoping and dragging out into two separate categories. The football head is 99 percent of the time a jig designed to target fish on the bottom of the lake.  But as you have read, the arkie head is much more versatile and can be fished all over the water column.  So since both dragging and hopping are both bottom techniques I will lump them together. The choice of action all depends on the fish’s mood.  The less active they are the more likely I am to just drag the jig on the bottom.  Hop, drag or alternate between both depending on that the fish want.  Either way you choose to work the jig, the arkie head is a great choice to target those fish actively feeding on or near the bottom of the lake.

The arkie head is a great and versatile lure that catches bass. That why I always have one tied on, and thats why we produce them here at OneCast Fishing.  If you haven’t tried the arkie head, get yourself one and go fishing.  I promise once you start catching big bass with them, you’ll be hooked too.


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Tight Lines,


OneCast Fishing 


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